Application Multifunction extrusion of “small and smallest” quantities of various materials in laboratory or test applications. Results can be easily scaled up to or scaled down from a commercial size extruder according to customer’s wishes and actual extruder. This Extruder is used for complex extrusion tasks under difficult conditions such as very high pressure. Design The extruder is fitted with easily replaceable barrels and screws that can be configured to your needs. Various screw segments can be combined to convey, knead and mix the extrudate. The compact and lightweight tabletop design allows using the extruder at different locations or in containment and glove boxes. The temperature of each heating-zone can be controlled separately and is recorded with the torque of the motor by the control system. Records can be printed. Hazardous Location Options ATEX Cat.: 3D/3D (inside/outside)  Equipment suitable for zone 2 and 22 (available) Protection (IP): IP 55 (standard) / higher  see options Controller The Extruder is controlled by Siemens Simatic software. The operating of the machine happens over a Siemens operator comfort   panel. Central control systems for multiple extrusion or multi-component operations are available. A variety of protocols is available for connection to the plants host systems.
Technical Data Voltage: 230 – 400 V Current: 15 A Torque: 5 – 120 Nm Speed range screw: 1 – 300 rpm   (higher on request) Temperature limits: ambient 10 - 35°C Pressure: 200 – 250 bar Weight: ~ 45 – 250 kg Accessories ►   Nozzle plates with assorted sizes and custom design ►   Pelletizer ►   Hot cutter (directly after the nozzle) ►   Conveyor belt ►   Water bath ►   Continuous tablet press ►   Stuffer feeder ►   Nozzle plate for tube extrusion or catheter ►   Glove-Box, Cooling belt, Drum cooler Option ►   Optical miniature pressure and temperature sensor for nozzle. ►   Water or air cooling for each barrel zone and water cooling for inlet zone (recommended) ►   Volumetric or gravimetric dosing for continuous ►   filling of the extruder ►   Hopper for filling the extrudate ►   Connections for cooling with water or gas ►   PTFE seals with flushing ►   Dust-tight +/- 20 mbar or gas tight ►   Barrels with customized heating or cooling zones ►   Add-on package for temperatures up to 300- 400°C, cooling of inlet zone necessary ►   IP55 / IP65 / ATEX ►   Monitoring: Temperature of inlet zone, nozzle and its trend. ►   Monitoring: Pressure at nozzle and its trend. ►   Interlock to control a feeder from the extruder’s panel. ►   Sideways feeding
Quality and Documentation The Quality Management System matching the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 and optionally GMP guarantee throughout high quality products. ►   Risk assessment ►   Design Qualification ►   Installation Qualification ►   Operational Qualification ►   Manual Materials Parts in contact with material: Stainless steel DIN, Pharma grade 1.4404 (AISI 316L) or superior, polished Non contact parts: steel and aluminum (motor, gear) Gaskets / Seals: PTFE, Silicon (heat resistant up to 230°C, optionally up to 400°C) Warranty Three-Tec guarantees availability of spare parts during ten years and issues a guarantee for damage on the device, which is not caused by the user, for one year.
AGENDA 15. - 16. Juni 2021
04. - 08. April 2022
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